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One of the issues affecting women’s fitness is some women tend to get bulky or too muscular from weight training advice and programs given out by some personal trainers. Rusty Moore, who has been visiting gyms for over 20 years and trained many different women learned that some women tend to bulk up from using conventional and cookie-cutter weight training approaches, even when they do not intend to get too muscular. Therefore, he decided to create a fitness program specifically for women who want to lift weights to look toned and attractive, without adding excessive muscle.

This review will look at Visual Impact for Women, which is Rusty’s course for women that uses special training techniques that doesn’t make the muscle bigger at all. It is a weight training, cardio and diet program that could be used by any woman to get a lean feminine body shape.

This review will also provide vital information about the product that you may need as answers to your questions or concerns which the official website do not provide.

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Visual Impact For Women OfficialWhat Is It?

The course is aimed at helping women get a lean, healthy and well-toned body. With this program you’ll learn exactly what you need to do to accomplish a variety of fitness goals for your body to improve your body shape. But it doesn’t involve growing big muscle to become very muscular.

The program will guide you on how to effectively burn body fat off your body, and show you the right workout techniques to modify the muscle to get precise desired results that you want.

For example, you’ll learn how to firm up and tighten up specific muscle groups without developing the size of the muscle. The result of this will be a much more toned and sharp feminine physique. If you want to gain a bit of muscle mass and get stronger you’ll also learn how to do this without losing your feminine appearance. The workout program can also be customized to meet your individual circumstances and needs.

These are some quick pointers that affects muscle tone without muscle growth:

  • High-Reps are more likely to create a pump in the muscle which is perfect for building large vascular muscles (but most likely you don’t want bigger “vascular” muscles).
  • Pushing your reps to failure breaks down the muscle, which contributes to muscle growth…and can actually weaken the muscle if done on a regular basis.
  • The most important variable in gaining muscle is how hard you push the final reps in a set. So if you don’t want to increase the size of a muscle, stop well short of failure.
  • Low-Reps short of failure is the best way to firm up a muscle without building size to that muscle. It is also less likely to create vascular muscles, since it will not create “a pump”.

What are Included in the Visual Impact for Women Course?

Visual Impact For Women Maqin Manual1. Main Manual (89 Pages): A full blown comprehensive course to getting slim without adding excess mass. It covers diet, cardio, home gym, and commercial gym workouts. All of the routines are 100% customizable and you are actually encouraged to use your favorite exercises for each of the routines. Also things like “dieting for an event” and “how to lose muscle mass on purpose”, etc.

2. Fat Torching Cardio Manual: This is a 12 week “progressive cardio” course, designed to help you drop as much fat as you desire for a special event. This covers some advanced cardio concepts: 4 levels of HIIT, VO2 Max Cardio, “Pyramid Intervals”, Aerobic Intervals, etc.

3. Exercise Demonstration Manual (229 pages): This is a massive manual of photo demonstrations and explanations covering a ton of exercises. The cool thing is that it has clickable navigation, so you can zip around and find the exact exercise descriptions you are after without having to scroll through hundreds of pages.

4. Printable Workout Charts: Each workout routine is contained on its own separate page, so you can easily print it out and take it with you to the gym. The idea is to eventually memorize the workouts, but this will help the first few weeks.

Who Is Rusty Moore?

rusty-moore-visual-impactRusty Moore is a very knowledgeable and experienced fitness trainer and author. Rusty is sharply focused on teaching how to get the ‘lean Hollywood look’ and he created his fitness programs to help people not only become fit and healthy but also ensure they gain the attractive body that they desire. Moore also wrote many articles on fitness which are available on many different websites online.

The information and strategy in this Women’s fitness course is reliable, well-researched and strictly aimed at helping women become fit and look more attractive. So if you want a stunning body that you can happily flaunt you should use Rusty’s methods.


Up to the last few years the fitness industry has not really been focused on providing fitness programs that are specifically designed for women. What we have seen are generic fitness products that seem to be aimed at men but are o.k for women to use as well. However there is a change happening and this is what visual impact for women is all about.

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