Unwrap Your Fat Loss Review – Mary Grisolía’s Weight Loss Program

This is a Review of Unwrap Your Fat Loss, the weight loss program by Mary Grisolía. Is this program right for you? Would it help with your weight loss success? I provide the key information on Unwrap Your Fat Loss in this review to help you learn what the plan is about and how it works.

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unwrap your fat loss

What Is It?

It is a weight loss program that comes via an online membership website aimed at men and women who want to lose weight before Christmas and maintain the weight loss during the holidays. Unwrap Your Fat Loss works with a specific approach that is designed to provide a direct and efficient way to lose fat and shows the bad approaches that may hinder optimal results.

This special fat loss approach involves combining 3 unusual keys that will rev up your metabolism so that your body uses every single thing you eat to increase its own fat-burning potential.

The 3 Unusual Hacks that Unwrap Your Fat Loss works with are: 1 Instead of dieting eating more food to burn fat, 2 Exercise less to lose fat, and 3 Never relying on your willpower. The program encompasses exclusive advice, motivation and a complete plan presented via a members-only website which contains multiple digital components that you would follow to put the system to use. Mary Grisolía promises that if you follow the program as instructed to get slimmer by the Holidays, and the 3 keys will allow you to use even the most fattening Holiday meals to burn fat instead of gaining it.

About The Author

The creator of the Unwrap Your Fat Loss program, Mary Grisolía, is a a scientist, educator, nutrition coach and personal trainer who has used these same weight loss methods to lose fat dramatically reshape her once overweight body. She also used her methods to help thousands of her clients and customers lose fat and keep it off for good.

Mary Grisolía

The Program Review

There a lot of weight loss programs out there that are based on different methodologies and approaches. Therefore, you have a lot of different plans to choose from if you are aiming to lose weight. However, one of the most important things to pay attention to when choosing a weight loss program is ensuring that it meets your individual needs, personal preferences and suitable for your goals.

Unwrap Your Fat Loss is designed with some elements that could make it stand out from many other weight loss plans as well as be the ideal program for many people are aiming to lose weight. First of all, it is focused on losing weight in time for the Christmas Holidays (a goal that a lot people have) and it allows a lot of diet and exercise freedom (personal preferences that a lot of people have).

So if you want a diet that includes these elements you should give Unwrap Your Fat Loss a try. I’ve already confirmed that it’s a high quality product by a real weight loss expert.

Unwrap Your Fat Loss Details

This is a 100% Online Live Program. Purchase of the program gives you instant access to a members-only website where you’ll be a part of a community of like-minded people. You’ll be given all the program materials to follow once you become a member. Mary Grisolía wil be there personally to help you, support you, motivate you and coach you throughout the full 6 weeks. The program runs from November 23rd 2015 to January 3rd 2016.

What Is Included in The Unwrap Your Fat Loss Course + Community?

  • UYFL Meal Plans
  • JNL Fusion Metabolic Workouts
  • Daily Support and Motivation
  • Exclusive Access to Our FB Group

Special Bonuses

  • 7 Christmas Recipes to Unlock your Fat-Burning Potential
  • The 2-Day Post-Holiday Detox
  • “Destroy your Abdominal Fat” Seminar (Video)

The Pros And Cons

It’s good for product reviews to have a section that outlines the benefits and drawbacks of the product. Unwrap Your Fat Loss has a lot of advantages for a weight loss program that I think many people would appreciate. However, there are also a few drawbacks.


  • It uses special strategies to boost effectiveness – the 3 unusual keys that will rev up your metabolism so that your body uses every single thing you eat to increase its own fat-burning potential.
  • The program is already proven by many users – The creator used it, her students from over 17 countries around the globe have used it.
  • Provides a way to lose weight before the Holidays and eat whatever you want without packing on the pounds. This is great for enjoying the Holidays with my loved ones, and eating the foods you like without any guilt.
  • As a 100% online live program you’ll be a part of an amazing community of like-minded people who would personally help you, support you, motivate you during the program.
  • The creator is a credible expert. She’s a chemist with a PhD in Theoretical Physical Chemistry and a Post Doctorate in Nanochemistry. She’s also a graduate in Science Education specialized in Online Learning Environments and has 7 years of experience as a university professor in Venezuela.


  • Don’t take the marketing information for this product the wrong way. You would not be able to eat anything you want in any amount to lose weight. There must be a certain amount of eating restriction and control.
  • A negative that I found with Unwrap Your Fat Loss is the total lack of videos. It’s not a major problem. But for me I would have preferred video as I enjoy following visual instructions and prefer the visual stimulation.

Final Word

For a program that shows you how to lose weight for Christmas with a special strategy to enhance effectiveness, Unwrap Your Fat Loss is a good option for anyone who wants to drop some pounds for the Holidays without major food deprivation. Check it out, give it a try, and see the type of results you’ll get.

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