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The Metabolic Factor fat loss program by Dr. Jonny Bowden might be the solution you need for your weight loss success if you are looking for a good diet that works.  The key strategy is working with your fat burning type so that you boost your metabolism and burn fat fast. You no longer need to wonder if this diet would work for you because it will be addressing the underlying issues that prevent people from becoming successful at weight loss.

I provide the key information on the Metabolic Factor in this review to help you learn what the plan is about and how it works. You would then be able to decide yourself if this system is a good choice for you.

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What Is The Metabolic factor About?

It is a fat loss program created by Dr. Jonny Bowden for men and woman who want to boost their body’s ability to burn fat optimally and keep it off. The Metabolic Factor works with a special type of strategy for maximizing fat burn through naturally increasing the hormone IGF-1.

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This special hormone is very beneficial for fat burning and maintaining a healthy body. It increases Metabolically Active Tissue (M.A.T), a calorie-burning tissue that burns more than 50% of all daily total calories.

Following the program will include eating foods that increase IGF-1, and eliminating the foods that reduce the hormone. But you will have a lot of eating freedom on the program. You will not have a lot of eating restrictions and tedious calorie counting. Metabolic Factor is a 22-day program that promises significant fat loss results at the end of the program.

You are also promised additional benefits apart from burning fat that includes:

  • Enhanced metabolism,
  • More energy,
  • Fewer wrinkles
  • Faster thinking,
  • Younger appearance
  • Better memory
  • And a healthier heart.

The Creator

The person behind the system, Dr. Jonny Bowden, is a weight loss researcher and certified nutrition specialist. He holds a Masters in Psychology and Ph.D. in Nutrition Science. He also earned 6 advanced exercise and nutrition certifications. He has already helped over 250,000 men and women lose weight and keep it off.

Dr. Bowden discovered and developed the method in the Metabolic Factor from his own personal experience with weight issues, years of professional research, working with thousands of clients and learning from other experts in the health and fitness industry.

Do You Need To Get Metabolic Factor?

We all know that fat loss programs can be based on the generic “simply reduce calories approach” or some type of advanced strategy that addresses underlying issues, and makes things easier and more efficient. Dr. Jonny Bowden introduces the advanced method of increasing the hormone IGF-1 to maximize fat burn in the Metabolic Factor.

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Now, this certainly isn’t a magic formula for losing fat, but it’s a proven “better and smarter” way to approach weight loss. There are many other advanced programs that work to increase fat burn or address stubborn fat. So don’t think that you are doomed to get good results if you don’t use the Metabolic Factor. However, I honestly believe the program is one of the best options for people who want a good weight loss system to use.

Dr. Bowden is, without doubt, a qualified professional who earned a lot of respect for his work and accomplishments in the health and weight loss field. So yes, you can trust his advice. But more importantly, his Metabolic Factor program is a high-quality product that has the potential to deliver good fat loss results.

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What You Get When You Purchase the Metabolic Factor?

The program is a one-time payment and lifetime access product. It has 2 delivery options. First is the Online access download option: With this option, you get the digital copy emailed directly to you, available for instant downloading.

The second delivery option is the printed copy shipped to you plus an instant digital download copy: You get a printed copy mailed to your home plus an instant digital download version as a bonus. The Metabolic Factor is actually a course that is made up of various components. Apart from the main program Book called “The Metabolic Factor IG1-1 Booster Blueprint”, it also includes other guides and special bonus reports.

Here’s a list of all the components that you get when you purchase the product.

  • The Metabolic Factor IG1-1 Booster Blueprint
  • The Metabolic Factor Quick Start Guide
  • The Metabolic Factor Progress Tracker
  • The Metabolic Factor 10-Minute Meals Metabolic Motivation™

The Bonuses

The Top 50 IGF-1 Trigger Foods 5 Worst Exercise Mistakes That Kill IGF-1 And Destroy Your Metabolic Response The World’s 7 Most Powerful IGF-1 Booster Supplements Weekly Personal Coaching Calls From Dr. Bowden

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The Positives

  1. Utilizes a proven method that increases calorie burn naturally within the body. M.A.T. is just 5.3% of bodyweight, but burns 56.8% of all calories. This is a great advantage.
  2. The completeness of the information provided in the program is good. Some weight loss programs fail to explain the concept or method it follows, but the Metabolic Factor goes into great depth about the why and how of the methodology. You can find out exactly what makes the program work. Even the sales page contains lots of educational info.
  3. It excludes the things that people do not like to do when trying to lose weight: No restrictive dieting, no counting calories, no depriving yourself of your favorite carb-rich foods and no demanding exercise routine.
  4. Losing body fat is not the only benefit that’ you get. You’ll also look younger, feel more energetic and experience far fewer aches and pains that are usually associated with aging.
  5. Created by a trusted, qualified professional. This is important since you’ll find so many weight loss programs where the person behind it is not qualified to give professional advice.

The Negatives

  • Dr. Bowden created a great product that would help a lot of people lose fat and get in shape. But I believe the promotional page was hyping up the concept of the IGF-1 hormone a bit too much.
  • Reading the page, it may seem like you are being convinced that this hormone is the ultimate “magic element” for weight loss. But we all know that a calorie deficit is what makes weight loss happen. Anything that relates to optimizing hormones is only a way of helping maximize the efficiency of the process.


The bottom line is Metabolic Factor is a good fat loss program that I highly recommend to anyone, but especially people who are struggling to get results.

There are many men and women who struggle for a long time with stubborn fat issues and get no improvement despite trying different diet and exercise plans. But once the excess fat was gained it can be lost no matter how difficult it may seem. The solution is to use an advanced system like Dr. Jonny Bowden’s Metabolic Factor that works strategically to address underlying factors that would give more power to your fat loss efforts.

This is where the Metabolic Factor program comes in very useful. The science behind the program is sound, and it has been proven to work by numerous people who tested it, some of which who gave their customer testimonials on the website.

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