The Bodyweight Mastery Program Review – Kinobody’s Greg O’Gallagher

This is a Review of the Bodyweight Mastery Program, the bodyweight training course by Greg O’Gallagher from Could this program be something useful for your fitness goals? I provide the key information on the Bodyweight Mastery Program in this review to help you learn what the system is about and how it works. You would then be able to decide yourself if you could make use of this program.

What Is It?

It is Greg O’Gallagher’s first and complete bodyweight training program that was created to help users achieve a lean, muscular and aesthetic physique using only bodyweight exercises. According to Greg this isn’t simply a standard bodyweight exercise program. It works with a specific style of bodyweight training called “bodyweight mastery training” that is a more direct and effective way to build a lean muscular body.

The Bodyweight Mastery Program is not based on high rep training and circuit based routines which isn’t the right approach if your goal is to build a great physique. The program is designed with 8 progressive phases, each comprises of more challenging bodyweight movements than the last, to allow you to systematically work your way through advanced bodyweight training levels.

By using the system you are expected to get stronger, build muscle, lose fat and gain all the other benefits of a good fitness program.

About The Person Behind The Bodyweight Mastery Program

The creator of the program, Greg O’Gallagher, is the owner and main author for the fitness website The about page on the site says “Kinobody is about transforming your physique and living the life of your dreams”. The site contains information on nutrition, training, celebrity workouts and more. Greg has an incredible physique, and it’s clear to see from his videos that he practices everything he teach.

According to Greg, his knowledge and expertise came from researching, reading, going through medical journals, learning from the smartest people in the industry, and testing and tweaking variables on himself and on the hundreds of clients he coached. Besides the Bodyweight Mastery Program O’Gallagher has a number of other fitness programs for men and women including the Greek God Program, the Goddess Toning Program, Aggressive Fat Loss and Kino Chef.

The Bodyweight Mastery Program Review – My Personal Opinion

I personally think this new program from Greg O’Gallagher is a well-designed bodyweight training program that could deliver some solid results in terms of strength, getting lean, aestheticism and overall athleticism. Bodyweight training can be a great method for building an amazing physique. But it must be done correctly.

One good example that proves how powerful bodyweight training can be for getting an amazing physique is the Bar Brothers calisthenics team. These guys have amazingly ripped bodies which they gained from using only creative bodyweight training. They even created a calisthenics system to help people get in great shape using the same methods they used.

The key to achieving incredible strength gains with bodyweight exercises is by following a properly structured program. Building strength and muscle requires progression with respect to tension on the body. This is fundamental, no matter the method of training or type of exercises you are using. However, many bodyweight-based programs do not utilize proper bodyweight progressions. They are often associated with high reps and circuits that’s good for endurance and calorie burn, but not for building strength and muscle.

The Bodyweight Mastery Program has the right design and structure to allow you to progress to more and more advanced levels, allowing for a stronger, more muscular physique as you follow the program. Plus, the program supports all the other key factors for a nice physique such as fat loss, definition and dense attractive muscle.

It’s also worthwhile to consider all the other inherent benefits that bodyweight training provides over other training methods – No equipment, train anywhere, less injury, just to list a few. Put in Greg O’Gallagher’s credibility on top of that, and I sincerely believe this is a fantastic product that’s worth trying out if you are interested in bodyweight training.

The Program Details

The Bodyweight Mastery Program is a revolutionary new 8-phase bodyweight-based workout program designed around achieving the lean, muscular Hollywood “GQ” physique. There are eight phases you have to systematically work through, each preparing you for the next level – which are the more advanced bodyweight movements. The program will help you build a square chest, well-developed shoulders, wide back, slim waist, chiseled abs and lean and defined, non-bulky legs.

Here is a short summary on what you’ll be doing:

3 workout sessions per week
6 exercises per workout.
3 sets per exercise.
Plenty of rest between sets.
Workout sessions won’t take longer than 40-45 minutes
You should have a chin up bar as a required equipment. A bench and dip bar would be a plus.

Final Word

When it comes to bodyweight training programs, Bar Brothers System has always been at the top of my favorites. The Bodyweight Mastery Program is now second place. These are fantastic programs that are well organized and bring something new and good to the table. So if you are looking for a quality bodyweight program these are the 2 options that I recommend.

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