Superhero Body Bodyweight Edition Review

This Superhero Body Bodyweight Edition review will help you learn if Dennis Heenan’s program is good for you. This in-depth review takes a look at every aspect of the product and determines the pros and cons and makes a final unbiased recommendation so you’ll know for sure if it’s for you or not.

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Superhero Body Bodyweight Edition OfficialWhat Is Superhero Body Bodyweight Edition?

It is a fitness program for anyone who wants to get in shape which shows you proven strategies that works to achieve this goal easier than other approaches you may know. It’s a complete step-by-step program that has been created with a unique methodology to make you lose fat, build muscle and get toned fast and effectively.

The program is a digital product that you get only from the official website as a download package. The guide is filled with educational, instructional and motivational information to help you learn how to achieve your goal efficiently with the best quality results. All materials for the program are available for download instantly after purchase.

Superhero Body Bodyweight Edition ManualShort Review

There are different approaches to getting your body in good shape, one of them is the method used by Superhero Body Bodyweight Edition. If you want a high quality fitness system to get lean and toned that is based on bodyweight workouts, then this program is definitely one of your best choice? This is one of the only programs on the market that utilizes this type of workout techniques which is a smart and very effective method for both men and women to burn fat and sculpt lean muscle. It is designed as a simple yet effective system for the user to work with. I definitely recommend giving it a try if you are interested in using this approach to working out.

The Program Details

Superhero Body Bodyweight Edition is a full 4-Phase workout program that adopts exact techniques used by some top celebrities to get in shape. Each phase is designed to help you progress from one workout to the next, continually forcing your body to burn more fat while never doing that same workout twice. This program was developed from all the research, studying, and testing that was done by Dennis Heenan who is recognized in the fitness community as a bodyweight specialist.

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Superhero Body Bodyweight EditionThis exact same bodyweight routines have been used by Dennis and his wife Kelsey to maintain their body in peak condition. These bodyweight workouts allow them to travel for months with no access to a gym yet stay in amazing shape. This bodyweight course is based on the workout routine Dennis and his wife followed while on the road.

The course is presented in a variety of high quality videos and PDF manuals. It contains all the necessary information you need. It touches on all the relevant topics that the user needs to take action and be guided through the process to improve their body composition and fitness level. The instructions are not difficult to understand, so they could be followed by anyone, man or woman, beginner or advance.

About The Author

Dennis HeenanDennis Heenan currently lives in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. Dennis’ whole life has been all about athletics. He played both baseball and basketball as a kid in school, and was introduced to a real weight lifting workout and program in college. Dennis is now a highly respected fitness coach and author whose passion has led him to set crazy goals to help others and get them healthy for life. He has also created a few other fitness programs besides this one that has good user reviews.


  • Presented in high quality videos which is an optimal way of learning.
  • The person behind the the product is a qualified expert who has a good track record in the fitness field.
  • There is a full money back guarantee that you get without questions asked within 90 days of purchase.
  • The program is easy to understand and following the instructions can be done by anyone easily.


  • Not an optimal routine for people who want to quickly gain big muscle size. Works best for moderate lean muscle gain and maximum fat loss.
  • There are not yet a lot of customer reviews online about the product.


I do recommend Superhero Body Bodyweight Edition, not only because the man behind it, Dennis Heenan, is a highly respected expert in the fitness community with an impressive track record, but the program is truly of high quality, uniquely structured and very useful. Many people say that they want to get in shape but don’t have access to a gym or workout equipment. This program is a real solution for persons who are in this situation.


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