Specforce Abs Review – Todd Lamb’s Handbook For Men & Women

This is a Review of the Specforce Abs program, the new abs training system by Todd Lamb. Could this program be something useful for your fitness goals? I provide the key information on the Specforce Abs system in this review to help you learn what the program is about and how it works. The aim is to help you decide yourself if you could make use of this program.


What Is It?

This product is an exclusive abs/core training program created by Todd Lamb geared towards men and women who desire to get six pack abs and a flat belly. The program’s approach is making use of the core training secrets used by special operators to train their abs for great functionality, but which also gives them amazing abs.

Specforce Abs works with Todd Lamb’s 5 Factors of amazing abs that he adapted from his Special Operations training that promises to accelerate results 3x the speed of your abs training. The program comes as a digital handbook for men and women that covers all aspects of the training method plus nutrition tweaks in easy to read format.

Todd promises that men and women who follow his abs training program will get the flat and defined abs they desire in 6 weeks even if you’ve struggled to reveal your flat and firm midsection. But also, you core functionality will increase and start showing itself in different aspects of your life such as lifting and pulling things, and powering up your performance in sports and activities you love.

The creator of the Specforce Abs system, Todd Lamb developed the program from his experience and knowledge as a special force operator. He is the team leader of Canada’s most elite SWAT Unit, certified tactical fitness expert, author and creator of The SpecForce Alpha Training System. Lamb has also been working as a personal trainer for many years, providing guidance for many different clients.

 Specforce Abs Review – Our Opinion

There are different training methods you can use for getting your abs in good shape, and the methods used in Specforce Abs is only one of the many ways of getting six pack abs and a flat belly. This definitely is not the only program you can use to achieve this goal. However, if you are looking for an effective training system to get lean and ripped abs that is based on the secret workouts used by special operators, then I believe this program is the best choice.

Six pack abs programs are not uncommon. But, this is the only program you’ll find that utilizes this type of workout protocol which is designed to accelerate the results of your ab training. It is no doubt that special forces operators have nice abs, which is actually a positive side effect of their core training for perfect functionality, injury-proof and high performance. The main idea is you can get the same resuts if you use those same training methods which is available to you in Specforce Abs.

Todd Lamb is also a respected name in the fitness industry who is not known for scam, but creates high quality valuable fitness programs.


What You’ll Find Inside The Program

It is a 100% digital product. The Specforce Abs program is actually pesented as an eBook product that comes with a separate program manual for men and woman. The well organized content that comes in the course makes it oustanding, and following the instructions is expected to be easy.

In addition you will also receive bonus special reports. All these are packed into the single digital package that was created to teach you through the program.

Final Word

As we know, programs designed to achieve fitness goals could be generic or based on some type of special strategy. Generic abs training plans are usually not optimal to produce good results because they do not address important factors that seriously affect success. The Specforce Abs program is not a generic plan. It is based on advance training techniques that are much more effective.

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