Shoulder Flexibility Solution Review – Is Eric Wong’s Program Good?

Read this Shoulder Flexibility Solution Review to get help to make an informed choice on Eric Wong’s program. The article provides the key information on the program to help you learn what the plan is about and how it works. Could this program be something useful for your fitness goals?

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Shoulder Flexibility Solution

What Is Shoulder Flexibility Solution?

This product is a digital flexibility course created by Eric Wong for men and women who want to unlock tight shoulders. This program is enriched with a unique exercise method called the 3D Flexibility System™ that is designed to work better and smarter on tight shoulders to release it  than the conventional flexibility approach, and correct any issues that may hinder optimal results.

The program revolves around the 6-Step Shoulder Flexibility System  and 6 Powerful Shoulder Flexibility Routines that was developed by Eric Wong. Each routine includes a PDF outlining the exact exercises, reps, sets and rest periods, as well as high quality streaming and downloadable videos where Eric will coach you on how to perform every exercise with perfect technique.

Eric is a flexibility expert, professional fighter and trainer. He has been training MMA fighters for many years, holds a Honors Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, CSCS and studied under world-renowned back expert Dr. Stuart McGill at the University of Waterloo.

Personal Review – Is It Good?

There are a lot of tips and advice on flexibility available online, but there are not many complete courses on shoulder flexibility available.

When it comes to flexibility and mobility, Eric Wong is the guy I recommend. His Hip Flexibility Solution program has been the best course of its kind when it comes to releasing tight hips.

Now, the Shoulder Flexibility program is one of the only complete courses on the subject in the market right now. And the course is structured in a good way to help the user have a simple yet effective program to follow to gain the shoulder flexibility and mobility you want. I definitely recommend giving it a try if you are looking for looser shoulders.

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Shoulder Flexibility Solution Contents

The product is entirely digital. The Shoulder Flexibility Solution contents include the 6 core routines, PDFs and streaming and downloadable HD videos. The program is available digitally online for a onetime payment of $67 that you’ll pay securely through CB’s order form. Your purchase of this product comes with a refund agreement from Eric Wong and the CB.

The stuff Eric teaches in Shoulder Flexibility Solution isn’t a bunch of unrealistic steps that are difficult to follow. It’s written in a very straightforward, do this, then do that kind of way that anyone can understand and follow. I mean simply put, it’s written for the real world and isn’t fluff. You’ll get some information to educate you in the beginning of the course, but if you prefer to get straight into the step by step program, you can do just that.

What Makes It Different?

The first thing users of the Shoulder Flexibility Solution system will recognize is that this program breaks lots of typically accepted concepts.

Eric thinks most flexibility programs and plans are not designed to be effective. Instead of assisting you to improve your flexibility, they could have the opposite effect of really causing you to become tighter in your non-flexible areas.

The author thinks conventional exercise approaches for improving shoulder flexibility are not the best choice when it comes to fully unlocking your tight shoulders. The program, on the other hand, has been developed to help you use the right techniques to boost your results.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is if you need to improve the flexibility of your shoulders, this is a very good program to use. It is not based on generic methods that may be a waist of time doing, but rather employs a more effective strategy that works to quickly release your tight shoulders.

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