Short Guy Game Review

Short Guy Game is a new dating course created by pickup expert Boris Gotz for any guy who wants to get good with women fast and improve their life in this area. The course shows you exclusive techniques to help you get better results when it comes to approaching, picking up and dating ladies. It is a complete step-by-step system that comes with lots of content in the form of videos and eBooks containing the information you need and to see how Boris Gotz used the same concepts to get women.

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Short Guy Game CourseThe information and concepts in Short Guy Game is based on Boris’ own real life experience as a man who struggled greatly with women but then changed all that by using the same methods he reveals in the course. According to Boris he has been picking up girls on the streets and in the clubs for over 5 years and approached over 10,000 women in over 21 countries.

As the main website mentioned, this training program is not only for short guys. It can work for any type of guy. But since being short is one of the biggest disadvantage a regular guy can have when trying to meet and date girls, it focuses on how Boris who is very short at 5′ 2″ beat that disadvantage and improve his social life with women. Therefore, any guy can use the same concepts in the guide to become better with women no matter what disadvantages they may have.

Quick Review On The Product

There are lots of dating and relationship courses for men out there promising to help you improve your life with women, and yet there are many new ones being introduced to the market from time to time. All claim to have information on great strategies that work to help guys improve their game.

This can make it difficult for you to choose a program that is right for you and would work for you. But I must say that Short Guy Game by Boris Gotz looks like a good course that many guys could benefit from.

This course brings something new to the table which could really help guys with different perceived disadvantages do better in their social life. Boris is clearly not the the type of guy who would easily impress women with his physical appearance, but he was able to use his unique methods to get better attention from good looking and interesting women. He shares all his secrets in this training program which happens to be a high quality product with lots of great content.

Short Guy Game Details

This is a digital product in it’s entirety. This means when you order from the official website you will get instant access to all the files and content related to the product to your computer. It comes in videos and eBooks to teach you everything. When you purchase you receive instant access to the content that you can immediately start going through. There will be no physical items ship, therefore you don’t have to wait for anything before you can start learning the methods. Also, this product is not sold in stores. It is only available on the official website.

What’s Included In The Content?

There are a lot of content included the Short Guy Game training guide. You get 3 hours of high quality video that shows you the fundamentals you need along with in-field demonstration clips explaining core concepts. Plus, there are 4 bonuses included. These bonuses will provide you with additional information and tips to help you improve your game and relationships with women. The content is detailed enough for the most basic of users to understand and follow to get fast results.



  • If you have any insecurities around women or social anxiety when talking to strangers, then this program can help you.
  • The course is based on Boris Gotz’s concepts he learned and develop from personal life experience as someone who has been through the struggles of not being good with women.
  • And he has also been helping guys improve their pickup game for a while now after mastering this unique methods.
  • The program is based on making use of effective methods and strategies that will allow you to get better results when you approach women, reduce the chances of rejection from the wrong approaches and eventually lead you to become a pickup expert yourself.


  • Boris Gotz does not have a strong online presence besides being the main person behind the course. When the author has a blog or social media presence it is usually very helpful to customers of digital guides.
  • All women are not the same, therefore all of them would respond the same way to any specific pickup techniques. You must be prepared to still get resistance from some women even when you implement the techniques.


To me Short Guy Game is worth the investment as you get lots of exclusive content with this product and it over-delivers in value. If you’ve tried out some other pickup courses in the past that brought you continued failures and disappointments, it’s understandable if you are thinking that this is just another one of them that may be a waste of time. But this course uses some entirely original concepts and techniques designed to help you get better results when it comes to women.

Short Guy Game has also quickly gained good gravity and popularity in the leading digital product marketplace online and the refund rate is very low. This is an indication that many customers like this course and many people are recommending it to others. So check it out and give it a try. This may just be the solution you need to start getting better results when you go out trying to pickup women.


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