My Bikini Belly Review – Women’s Belly Fat Program By Shawna Kaminski

I think most women would agree, a flat belly that looks good in a bikini is an appealing thing to have. In this Review of My Bikini Belly, we’ll take a look at Shawna Kaminski’s training program that promises to give women a flat midsection no matter how much trouble you had in the past achieving this goal. Let’s see if the name really lives up to its promise, and whether or not this program can actually help women get the flat and toned belly they desire. Keep reading to find out.

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What Exactly Is My Bikini Belly?

This is Shawna Kaminski’s bodyweight-based, fat loss training program specifically designed for women over the age of 35 who want to get a flat and firm belly. My Bikini Belly introduces a brand new special type of bodyweight method called Metabolic Activation Training that is designed to switch off your Menopause Molecules and trim, firm, and tighten your tummy helping you visibly see the flat belly you desire.

This program works specifically for women 35 and over because it is based on working with your body not against it. It shows that once you hit 35 your body automatically flips your Menopause Molecules switch on and every year after that your belly is flooded with more “menopause molecules” that block your metabolism from burning fat.

My Bikini Belly works to activate all 3 parts of your body’s natural systems that, according to Shawna, absolutely must be working together in order for women to lose belly fat as they age. She promises that the program could help you visibly see a flat and firm belly in only 21 days without starving or suffering through long boring workouts.

Review – Is It Really Good?

My Bikini Belly appears to be a very well thought out and organized program for women over 35 who struggle to lose abdominal fat. Belly fat is one of the hardest areas to slim down. And for a woman to get a flat belly, it usually requires advanced diet and exercise methods that address specific issues that hinders fat loss in the female body.

Shawna Kaminski has a very impressive track record in terms of her fitness industry success. She worked with thousands of women and examined the real reasons behind why today’s most popular workouts just don’t work for women over 35.

Her Bikini Belly program is designed to be a better and smarter approach for women to get a flat and firm belly. I think it’s one the best course of its kind when it comes to getting the advice needed for women to workout correctly for optimally losing belly fat.

What’s Included In My Bikini Belly?

The program is available digitally online for a onetime payment of $15 that you’ll pay securely through Clickbank’s system – one of the safest online next to PayPal. You’ll get instant access to all the video training materials when you order.

The My Bikini Belly system comes with 3 types of ab workouts demonstrated in separate videos. When you combine all 3 types of ab workouts together each week, the overall belly burning results are MUCH greater than each workout by itself.

The Bikini Belly Workouts:

Workout #1 – Bikini Belly Flush

Turns Off your Menopause Molecules and force your body to instantly start burning belly fat In less than 24 Hours.

Workout #2 – Bikini Belly Burn

TURN ON Your Belly Shrinking Hormone To SEE Your Tummy Automatically Tighten Up Each Week

Workout #3 – Bikini Belly Blast

TURN UP Your Metabolism And INSTANTLY Force Your Body To Incinerate Belly Fat Non-Stop For 72 Hours.

How Does My Bikini Belly Work?

The magic of the 21 day bodyweight ab program is all in the sequencing and exercise selection of the 3 special type of flat belly workouts that have been carefully programmed to match a 35 years and older woman’s current hormonal state.

According to Shawna, “this is not only the fastest way possible for your body to burn all your belly fat but it’s by far the easiest since your all the components of your metabolism are synergistically working together to burn more fat from your belly, every hour of the day”.

The program works with your body’s natural systems so any woman at any age can do this to experience a slim and toned belly. Each workout strategically builds off the last and works together so that after every 7 days you’re activating more of your metabolism and burning more belly fat.

Final Statement

Ladies, you know that your body goes through different changes as you age, and some of these changes affect how you need to approach weight loss. Extremely stubborn belly fat begins to develop in a lot of women around the age of 35. My Bikini Belly was developed to address this problem specifically. This is the first course I’ve seen aimed at this common problem that almost all women over 35 have to deal with. So I recommend getting My Bikini Belly if you are a woman who need this solution.


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