Metabolic Prime Review – Dr Jade Teta’s Program

This Review of Metabolic Prime looks at the new fat loss program by Dr. Jade Teta. Is this really a good program to help you get in shape? I highlight key info on Metabolic Prime in this review that one would need to get an idea on the true worth of this program.

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What Is It?

This product is a workout program brought to you by Dr. Jade Teta aimed at everyone who want to lose body fat and get toned. Metabolic Prime is the new, updated version of Dr. Teta’s popular fat loss program named Metabolic Aftershock. This reloaded workout program is based on new and innovative workout techniques that were designed to effectively burn fat, sculpt lean muscle and re-energize your body in record time.

The program works by leveraging what Dr. Teta calls “Metabolic Micro-bursts” which is a new special exercise strategy that reprograms and supercharges your metabolism to work like it’s in it’s prime or youthful years. So you burn fat more efficiently and sculpt your muscle while spending much less time working out than traditional exercises programs.

The idea is that when people use these special micro-burst motions in specific sequences called Metabolic Primer Sequences, it reverses metabolic aging. Therefore, you are now working with the metabolism of your youth to lose weight, sculpt your body and revitalize your health. The workout program involves the use of weights, bands and body-weight exercises. The routine is 15 minutes per workout session, 3 times a week.

This system is the result of years of testing, research and refinement by Dr. Jade Teta, who is an integrative physician and personal trainer with over 25 years of experience. He has worked with thousands of weight loss and fitness seekers all over the world through his Metabolic Effect Clinic and online programs. He promises that users of the program would burn fat and shape muscles quickly that’ll alter their body shape into a lean, toned, athletic look. Other benefits users could experience include tighter skin, less signs of aging, more energy, improved health and a boost in self-confidence.

Our Metabolic Prime Review Comments

One great thing about this product is it’s actually a update of a program that has been on the market for a while. The customer feedback to Dr. Teta’s original product, Metabolic Aftershock, has been overwhelmingly positive and supportive. Many people were pleased with the content quality, workout structure and of course the results they got. If you are a customer of the original program, then all you need to know is the new program is updated to be bigger and better than the first  with new research findings and strategies.

For persons who are new to the program you’re probably wondering why you should believe any of this unusual information, or even consider listening to Dr. Teta? Being aware of all the lies, deception, false claims, and hype that exist in the weight loss and fitness industry we can’t blame you for feeling this way.

However, we have to say that you are in safe hands and would have a good product in your hands to get in shape if you decide to buy Metabolic Prime. As we stated earlier, the original version of this product has been receiving an overwhelmingly amount of positive customer reviews that we have confirmed to be real.

Admittedly, Dr. Teta does hype his program a lot on the official website with statements such as “No other program is as fast, efficient and effective”. But knowing that his program has been getting rave reviews by thousands of happy users from around the world, one has to ask: is he wrong to make such statements?

The truth is, Metabolic Prime is not the only fat loss program available that works to give results. But from our own analysis, it is indeed a very good program that would be a top choice for anyone looking to lose fat and tone muscle. The key benefit here is this is an advanced program that makes things easier and more efficient than traditional exercise methods.

Metabolic Prime Details

With respect to delivery, you can choose either a downloadable, instant access version of the program or have the physical DVD set shipped to direct to your address. However, if you choose the physical option, you also get the direct download version for free. That way you can get started right away before you receive the physical product.

Dr. Jade Teta wanted to deliver a lot of value to help make sure that you have all the information and help you need to gain success with your fat loss goals. When you order the main program you’ll also get access to a special bonus guide.

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Is This metabolic Approach To Fat Loss Good?

Boosting, optimizing, reprograming, recharging, or rebooting (whatever you choose to call it) the metabolism to maximize fat loss is a common approach that’s used by many fitness programs. However, there are different methods and techniques used to achieve this. Some are based on diet and some are based on exercise. Of course, as you know, the Metabolic Prime program uses what is referred to as “micro-burst” moves through Metabolic Primer Sequences to achieve a more optimized metabolism.

Don’t make your head hurt by the technical information. This basically means you’ll exercise in a certain way to create a bigger positive impact on your metabolism to burn fat during and after the workout, which may not happen with ordinary exercises.

Now, any product that shows you how to use special exercise strategies to address your metabolism and maximize fat burn while preserving muscle, improving health and working out in minimal time has taken the right approach, And it’s worth at least paying attention to. Optimizing the metabolism to burn fat faster is a key benefit of any fat loss program that would help significantly with your fat loss success. Since the Metabolic Prime workout takes less than 45 minutes per week, this is something that anyone who is serious about fitness should try. The program is also authored by a renowned fitness expert, which is very important. Dr. Jade Teta has a good reputation for creating meaningful programs that help people reshape their bodies and improve their health.


If your aim is to transform your body shape and prefer a program that is based on workout strategies that powers up your metabolism for faster fat loss and the after burn effect, then get Metabolic Prime. It is a quality program designed by a qualified expert. And if for any reason you are not impressed by it. You’re covered with the money-back guarantee.

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