The Half Day Diet Review – Nate Miyaki’s New Weight Loss Diet Plan

This is a Review of the Half Day Diet – Nate Miyaki’s latest weight loss diet plan that is based on a special carb strategy. I give the most important information to help you learn what the program is and decide yourself if it’s right for you. Get information on the diet’s design, how the it works and Nate Miyaki’s background.

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The Half Day Diet


If you are after sustainable weight loss, prepared to control your carb intake during the day and feast on your largest, carb-rich meal at night, then the Half Day Diet system which has lots of positive user reviews should work for you.

The diet is a solution to permanent and quality weight loss that uses a unique meal schedule approach that would be favorable to many people. The diet presents a weight loss lifestyle that allows you to enjoy your social life, enjoy delicious meals with your family, eat your favorite foods and have a glass of red wine while still shedding the excess pounds.

The Half Day Diet is a complete diet-based weight loss program that helps you lose fat while enjoying your carbs strategically at exactly the right times to exit the carb-loop, eliminate cravings, and accelerate weight loss while only dieting for half a day.

The Half Day Diet’s Design

Nate Miyaki, a fitness author, trainer, and nutrition expert, created the Half Day Diet Plan for people who want to lose weight optimally without giving up their favorite carb-rich foods. The diet is designed with a special nutrition method that tricks your body into thinking it is on a low carb diet when it is not.

It structures carbs in a strategic way that makes you get the weight loss benefits of a low carb diet without depriving yourself all day long. You are dieting only half the day while feasting at night which I believe is a convenient way to lose weight.

About Nate Miyaki

Nate Miyaki

Nate is a well respected nutrition coach and weight loss expert that many of you may recognize. He is also a personal trainer and author.

Here is some of the information I know about the man behind Half Day Diet:

  • Nate received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the
  • University of California, Berkeley and completed post-baccalaureate studies in Kinesiology at San Francisco State University.
  • He is the author of the books The Truth About Carbs (2014), Rise Above (2014), The Way of the Cancer Warrior (2013), and The Samurai Diet (2011)
  • He is a contributing writer for Men’s Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, Men’s Health, T-Nation,, and LIVESTRONG.

Nate Posseses a number of Fitness Certifications and Achievements that includes:

  • Certified Personal Trainer, American Council on Exercise (ACE)
  • Certified Specialist in Sports Nutrition, International Sports Science Association (ISSA)
  • Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, International Sports Science Association (ISSA)
  • Functional Training & Corrective Exercise Specialty Certification (ACE)
    Sport Yoga Instructor (NESTA)
  • 2009 Musclemania America & World Natural Bodybuilding Championships — 1st place, bantamweight division.
  • 2004 NPC Max Muscle Natural Bodybuilding Championships — 1st place, lightweight division.
  • Former professional wrestler and stunt/acrobatics instructor with All Pro Wrestling and Pro Wrestling Iron.

Nate has a good business reputation. I could not find any reports of scam or fraud from the thousands of clients and customers that bought his products and services.

What is included in the Half Day Diet Package?

The website describes in details each item you get when you buy the Half Day Diet. You can get the full details there. As you will see on the official website, the main component of the program is the e-book manual that covers everything you need to learn and follow. It contains all the information that will allow you become equip with the knowledge you need to put this diet into use and make it work for you.

With easy to follow step-by-step instructions it breaks down everything you need to know about weight loss dieting. It also explains  in detail how the unique carb strategy and other key methods work to bring you weight loss success.

The program also comes with some  bonus e-books that were included to help you with your weight loss journey. Everything that comes with the Half Day Diet can be viewed online or downloaded to your personal device immediately after purchase.

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The Half Day Diet

How The Diet Works

Miyaki promises that this diet is the cracked code and the right system to trick your body into thinking it is on a low carb diet when it’s not. So you lose all the weight you want without all the negative side effects of low carbohydrate dieting. The strategy is based on scientific research that proves that your body only needs to be low carb for a few specific hours of the day to get all the benefits of a 24-hour low carb diet.

The diet doesn’t give a lot of rules, but you must customize your nutrition to your body, and strategically time your carbs and calories in a highly targeted, specific, and unique way in order to see the results you desire.

Here are the 3 key pillars used to create the Half Day™ protocol.

Pillar #1: Macro-Optimization

The process of strategically tweaking your macronutrients ( protein, fats and carbs) to best fit your unique goals. Nate Miyaki makes this process easy for you by providing macronutrient templates that you can simply choose from based on what fits your needs and you are set.

Pillar #2: Customization

Customizing your weight loss diet plan to fit your unique needs and preferences is important because everyone is different. Yet, the Half Day protocol makes it easy to tweak the principles to fit you, your lifestyle, your career, your likes and your dislikes.

Pillar #3: Evolution

One area where so many diet plans fail is they don’t keep up with you as you start getting results. Once you start seeing the weight drop away, your nutrition needs will change. Therefore, the same template will not work for you forever. Your biochemistry changes as you lose weight. Your goals and ambitions change. Your tastes evolve. And that’s why Nate knew it was important to create a nutrition plan that will grow with you.

Thoughts on the Half Day Diet by Nate Miyaki

Reading through the book, I was impressed by its contents. Granted, I am a bit skeptical when it comes to any program promising “secrets to fat loss success”, but it seems as this program backs up it’s claims well.

Nate Miyaki offers a lot of valuable information in this e-book, and I believe it’s one of the best weight loss diets out there.

The completeness of the information provided is great. Some books fail to explain the concept or method it follows, but this one goes into great depth about the why and how of the methodology. You can find out exactly what makes the system work in this e-book.

The format of the book is easy to follow. It is it easy to read, unlike many other e-books that I have reviewed. There aren’t too many images cluttering up the book and the font is easy on the eyes.


While the Half Day Diet is not the only way that works to lose weight, it certainly offers very good value for money and if you’re serious about losing weight you should strongly consider it.

The fact that on top of all the information in the pdf e-book, you also get bonuses and customer support which makes it a great resource for anyone trying to lose weight.

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