Diet Free Weekends Solution Review – Is Mike Whitfield Diet Good?

The Diet Free Weekends Solution is a weight loss diet program created by fitness expert Mike Whitfield for any individual who would like to lose weight with a diet plan that allows you to eat whatever you want all weekend long. The program comes with a full step-by-step plan that has been put together as a unique eating approach that lets you binge on your favorite foods every weekend (Friday – Sunday) while reprogramming your body to burn more fat and boosting your metabolism.

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Diet Free Weekends Review

The unique interval dieting strategy used by this system promises to help you lose 3 pounds or more every week despite having the freedom to enjoy your favorite foods the entire weekend.

Mike Whitfield, who who has been a fitness expert for almost 10 years, developed this diet method from his own personal experience as someone who struggled with weight issues and worked long and hard to find a solution that worked for him.

Short Review On Diet Free Weekends Solution

This diet provides a breakthrough solution for the number one reason people fail at dieting and weight loss – not being able to maintain adherence. Studies conducted shows that any diet with the required calorie deficit could work for losing weight, but the main reason most diets don’t work for people is because the users do not stick to it. Diet Free Weekends Solution is specifically designed to make it easier to stick to your diet by allowing you to eat whatever you want on the weekend (the most tempting time of the week for food).

Mike Whitfield did a great job putting this program together, which comes from his desire to solve a universal problem, his own knowledge on weight loss and data from official scientific studies. It’s really a very well thought out and organized blueprint for losing weight, and it’s the best diet plan that would let you feel like you are not on a diet at all.

How Does It Work?

As you may know, a calorie deficit is the most important factor for weight loss. Once you are burning more calories than you are consuming you’ll lose weight. The types of foods you eat are secondary factors with regards to the weight loss process. So the technique used by Diet Free Weekends Solution is it lowers your calorie intake during the week and allows you eat as you like for the weekend. But that’s not all. The strategic combination of optimizing your hormones and reducing your calories Monday through Thursday means that you’ll burn fat faster and you don’t have to count calories.

The Components Included In Diet Free Weekends Solution

The main component of the program is the Diet Free Weekends Nutrition Manual, a pdf book that covers everything you need to know and follow to start seeing results. With easy to follow step-by-step instructions it breaks down exactly how to structure your eating plan the right way. The course will also show you in detail how the strategy works to guarantee your weight loss success. The two other pdf books are the Diet Free Weekends Quick Start Guide and the Diet Free Weekends Success & Tracking Journal. You’ll also get 2 other useful bonus eBooks.

Pros and Cons

It’s important for each individual to make their own analysis of the product and decide if it meets their needs. Here are the good and bad points.

Positive Reviews

  • This program is based on scientific data, professional research and real world results that substantiate it’s methodology.
  • The strategy of taking diet breaks during the course of a weight loss program does not just make it possible to still lose weight, it also produces a number of psychological and physiological benefits that will greatly contribute to your ultimate weight loss success.
  • Purposely blowing your diet on weekends, boost your metabolism, reversing the metabolic slowdown that happens when you restrict calories.
  • Some weight loss experts claim weekend cheating also strengthens your resolve to eat well the rest of the week.

Negative Reviews

  • Some people may find it harder to stick to healthy eating after a weekend off.
  • Since a calorie deficit is the only way to lose weight, if you eat too much on the weekend a huge compensation would be required during the week by restricting calories.


A calorie deficit is mandatory for losing weight, but because of the way that Diet Free Weekends Solution work you can reduce your calories for just a few days and still lose weight. The program works with a combination of hormone transformation and diet intervals. There are also good user testimonials for this weight loss approach, and it comes with a 60-day refund agreement. If you’re in the market for a weight loss diet that is designed for user convenience, Diet Free Weekends Solution is a plan worth considering.

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