Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint Review – Tony Gentilcore & Dean Somerset

The Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint by Tony Gentilcore and Dean Somerset is seminar series for improving shoulder and hip function, so this review will provide the main information on it.

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What is It?

Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint is a video seminar series that teaches trainers how to address shoulder and hip restriction to improve their function and gain strength, endurance, and resiliency. Tony Gentilcore and Dean Somerset say the program is designed to teach you everything you need to know to make a thorough assessment, understanding corrective strategies that will work best, and build a training program to help you and your clients in the most direct way possible. They go through all topics in detail using easy to follow videos and instructional guides so you can be able to use the same methods and strategies effectively for helping people get results.

Our Review

If you are working in the fitness industry as a trainer, I believe this is a good source for getting the knowledge and training you need to help clients improve shoulder and hip function. Tony and Dean are more than just specialists in their field. They are the guys who teach the other fitness professionals the best techniques to help their own clients.

They both surely have the credentials, degrees and real-world experiences to teach fitness trainers how to work with clients that need their help to properly improve upper and lower body function. Frankly this information is valuable and nobody else is talking about it yet.

What You Get

Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint presents the information mainly in videos for visual demonstration. You’ll get access to an entire video series that covers everything you need to be up and running. You will be shown exactly B what to do and how to do it.

Here’s a sample of some concepts we dig into.


How to use the static and integrative assessments to guide your training program.
How breathing mechanics – particularly diaphragm movement – drives mobility of the upper body and stability of the lower body, and how to use it to see fast improvements in both.
The importance of breathing, thoracic mobility, scapular mobility, and shoulder mobility in looking at shoulder, elbow or wrist limitations.
Why “impingement” is a garbage term, how to assess for it, the difference between internal and external impingement, and what it means to your training program
Training the overhead athlete and their specific considerations, and the differences between them and the “desk jockey” client and what limits overhead mobility in many people
Coaching and improving pushups, chin ups, presses, and dozens of corrective options


How specific anatomical individual differences play a role in training, how to find them, and what to do to capitalize on them.
Use a test re-test assessment to your advantage and show clients where and how they can improve.
Combining passive, active, and compound assessments to drill down to what the person needs to work on NOW to see progress IMMEDIATELY.
Understand the difference between structural, neural, soft tissue, and motor pattern limitations to movement, and design a program to address the specific considerations.
How to determine optimal squat and deadlift stances for an individuals anatomical considerations. This may even mean using an imbalanced approach to balance their structure.
Train to improve strength, active mobility, and durability with a variety of modalities, plus when to adjust to make each easier or harder.


Overall, I really believe Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint is worth the buy if you are a trainer who wants to help your clients see good improvements in hip and shoulder function. Tony Gentilcore and Dean Somerset are injury specialists that know how to teach other health and fitness professionals the best methods that get results. Help people get results faster by offering this training directly to them.

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