Adonis Golden Ratio Review – Fitness Program For Men

Are you a guy looking to get in shape? Is the Adonis Golden Ratio by John Barban a good fitness system for you? This review shares key information about this fitness program for men to help you make an informed choice.

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What Is The Program?

The Adonis Golden Ratio is a digital fitness program created by fitness expert John Barban that is tailored towards men who want to lose fat, build muscle and transform their body into their most attractive look. The program will present you an advanced and  proven system for shredding body fat fast and building muscle in a specific way that creates a physique that draws attraction from women.  The program comes with full workout programs, full nutrition plans and plenty of crucial knowledge about muscle building and fat loss to help you in your journey to get ripped.

The Adonis Golden Ratio shows you unique muscle building and fat loss strategies that no other program on the market uses for men’s fitness. It is not only aimed at improving body composition, but also specifically designed to optimize your physical attractiveness so you command attention and respect with your looks. The program focuses on a concept called the “Golden Ratio” that is believed to be a special number that governs beauty in everything including men’s body.

This program contains the best of John Barban’s knowledge he gained from his several years of experience working in the fitness industry and as a world class expert in Nutrition, Physiology, Biology and Human Performance.

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What Makes This Program Different?

This program stands out in a big way when it comes to men’s body transformation programs. This is one of the only programs on the market that utilizes special methods for men to have a  fitness system that involves human anatomy, genetics, psychology and attraction research. As you saw in the video, there is a specific measurement between your waist and shoulder that creates the Adonis Golden Ratio – a powerful look that allows men to attract women who simply look at them.

This same system already helped thousands of men around the world transform their bodies to Greek God status, and John Barban is someone who has a good reputation for creating meaningful programs that help people get impressive results. Therefore, this program is expected to produce pleasing results for any new user. In addition, looking at the customer ratings and market reputation for Adonis Golden Ratio it is a top quality product that I highly recommend.

What’s Included In Adonis Golden Ratio?

The product is entirely digital. There will be no items for shipping, therefore you don’t have to wait for anything before you can start using the program and start losing fat and building muscle. When you purchase, within minutes you receive access to digital materials that consist of PDF eBooks, videos and other resources that you can instantly start going through.

This program includes everything John learned and developed over the years about fat loss and muscle building. And he has also been helping people for years with his internet presence and digital programs. The product provides expert guidance and information on key factors that many men may ignore or not fully understand that are crucially important to successfully get the fitness results that they are after. John Barban will also include free bonus information that will help you with your journey to achieve your goals.

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More On The Person Behind It

The entire industry looks at John Barban as the expert on the AGR body. That’s because he focuses on the subject and published more info on it than anyone else. John has invested lots of time and money into his education in fitness, health, and Human Performance; more importantly, tens of thousands of clients trained under his guidance and programs.


  • The product is digital: You will get instant access after you order and nothing to ship and wait for.
  • Your purchase of Adonis Golden Ratio is protected by 60 days full 100% refund policy.
  • The program is a one time payment and lifetime access.
  • Lots of content to teach and guide you including written content and videos.
  • It is a step-by-step system that walks you through the process.
  • Very unique structuring. It is not based on a generic approach to fitness that everyone is used to.
  • The creator John Barban is a recognized professional and has good credibility in this field.


  • It’s an advanced program so it’s not as basic as generic plans. This is an advance program that requires your discipline to learn new methods and ideas.
  • Long video sales page that contains phrases that appear as over-hyped marketing. However, you can bypass the long video and get to the text version from this link.

Final Word

The Adonis Golden Ratio has already been used by a large number of customers, many of them reporting pleasing results after using the program. The author is a credible expert who has a good reputation for creating high quality programs that help people reach their body transformation goals. Check it out, give it a try, and and remember that your purchase comes with a refund agreement.

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